You Are What You Eat x3


I recall in my early 20s when the drinks were flowing, McDonald’s seemed like a feasible meal option, and poutine at 2am was a weekend necessity (or occasionally a week night necessity-ahh to be a student again). Note: according to spell check “poutine” is not a word. What an abomination.

However, at the ripe old age of 32 my favourite weekend activities are no longer a good life plan. I realized that in order to eat anything with flavour and not end up 300lbs I have to go to the gym. Previously the gym was for looking your best and having visible muscles but now it is merely a means to enable a delicious end. An end that is most definitely on the other end of the flavour country spectrum from boiled chicken and brown rice. This makes me sad and I decided to half ass it by watching what I eat via Myfitnessdemon and enduring a moderate amount of physical activity. This is not fun because once you are watching what you eat you seem to be more hell bent on breaking your own rules and letting the devil on your shoulder carrying a poutine at midnight win.

All I can think about is food. My mouth was watering picking out that poutine picture I posted above. Food is like my crack and I need some serious Dr. Drew Celebrity Rehab, perhaps I need to become a celebrity first But really, is Janice Dickinson a celeb? They would let me on.

Addendum (update): I ate a Babybel and a Turkey Pepperette while writing this because I was starving.


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