Where’s my YM when I need it?

So many glorious issues.

So many glorious issues.

When I was eleven I realized I needed help figuring out how to become a woman. I needed something more than motherly advice; I needed to hear from the experts. So, not yet having the amazing resources of the internet at my fingertips, I turned to YM magazine. And let me tell you, that subscription kept me so well informed.

Despite my amazing $3/hr babysitting money, I really wasn’t in a financial situation to follow *all* the recommendations. So, in my endeavour to become a successful teenage woman, I worked with what I could and depended on back-to-school and birthday shopping to contribute here and there as well.

My favourite product recommendations were:

1. Caboodles

2. Love’s Baby Soft

3. Lip Smackers I’ll never forget that the tip said that Coconut Cake flavour was “the most kissable” and so I diligently applied it at all times, ever ready just in case.

The other piece of advice that I now know to be truly helpful was in an article on kissing positions (very PG, I was pre-teen remember). It advised for the girl to put one hand around her partner’s neck and the other on his chest. It’s a posture that allows for intimacy but also the ability to quickly push herself away if she becomes uncomfortable for any reason. At an age where sexual safety was not on my radar, I think it’s interesting that this particular item stayed with me. Well done on that one, YM.

P.S. I miss you.

And Buzzfeed, thanks for the memories.


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