Hiding Your McShame

Hooray! Meal of Shame

For the most part I eat relatively decent lunches from a health perspective….rarely the case from a taste perspective. But every once in awhile I am having a bad day and need something delicious. Something satisfying. Something to turn my frown upside down.

Usually I opt for a McDonald’s cheeseburger because at a mere 300 calories it seems the least horrific thing I can consume. The delicious and life affirming fries always taunt me but I can usually refrain. However, no matter what you have in that bag, be it fries and a Big Mac or a salad, the worst part is the walk of shame from your car to your office with your greasy bag of self-hate. Sometimes I find a different bag in my car and put the bag o’shame in that bag so I won’t be judged.

Kudos to the marketing geniuses at Wendy’s that made bags specifically for their salads. Due to this marvel of packaging genius I walk with a skip in my step and proudly and triumphantly swing my bag that vibrantly features pictures of salad ingredients.  It screams, ‘Hello world, I endured the ordering process at the drive thru without succumbing to anything deep fried.’

Please avert your eyes from the medium sugar filled iced tea I ordered with it. Small victories people, small victories.


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