Grown Up Fashion: Purses

For years my go-to purse has been an awesome little, sporty MEC bag (similar to this). It’s just big enough for my wallet, phone, and keys (and, of course, a nylon tote). I love it…but it’s not particularly nice and it’s definitely not indicative of my burgeoning fancy grown up lady status. So, I decided it might be time for an upgrade.

I really don’t want anything too big because I hate the feeling of being weighed down by a bag. I also find that I quickly become the “pack mule” for all my other non-purse-carrying counterparts. It blows. So, it was with a heavy heart of resignation that I started to check out my options.

It's purse city at the mall.

It’s purse city at the mall.

After some diligent pursuing I did happen to find a few that I liked, but they were all way out of my price range.

Adorbs and it's called "Picard" lol

Adorbs and it’s called “Picard” lol

I also totes love this one (pun intended).

Fancy lady purse.

Fancy lady purse.

To be clear, it’s not that these purses were so outrageously priced. In fact, I’d say it’s standard, if not reasonable, to find quality leather purses that range in price from $60-300. My issue is that I’m not quite ready to make that investment. I don’t know why exactly but I suspect it has something to do with being able to predict that it would be a short period of time before the bottoms of those beautiful bags are coated in spilled sunscreen, melted candies, and a number of key scratches and pen marks.

For today, I feel like my money might be better spent elsewhere.

Like…I don’t know…here, for example:

I love you, Young Adult Fiction.

I love you, Young Adult Fiction.

Clearly, this is where I ended up at the end of my journey; purseless in the  YA section of the bookstore.

C’est la vie.


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