Dictionary Updates = SRSLY Cool

If Fred Penner’s Word Bird flew down today, what word might be in his beak?

Twerk? Selfie? Derp?

With these new additions to the Oxford Dictionary, I’ve heard so many complaints about what’s to become of the English language and laments for the speech of the days of yore. Well guess what folks, change is happening so get on board.

Here’s a sample of the comments found on the Oxford Dictionary Blog:



First of all, these people need to chill the eff out. I think that people tend to forget that our language is constantly evolving. And it’s fascinating.

I mean, let’s consider what our daily conversations might be like if our language kept the same idioms and phrases throughout the years. According to this article from Death and Taxes Mag, if a women was knocked up, we’d ask if she was “with squirrel” and if she was your sweetheart, you could call her “wonder-wench.” (Come to think of it, I kind of dig these expressions.)

The point is, as much as I love being resistant to things*, I feel like we need to embrace the progression of the English language (because it’s happening whether you like it or not). Recognize how much of the new dialogue is being influenced by current digital culture and that it’s but a moment in time. I mean, it’s cool that the issue is currently buzzworthy, but don’t expect any apols from the people who speak these words. And if you’re thinking that the situation is in omnishambles, you can avoid it if you want to and take a digital detox; just beware potential FOMO.

*change, laundry, novelizations of movies


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