I’m Baaaack…and exhausted.

It’s been a long while since I have posted but some of us were having babies *cough cough.* Well just baby. If I had 2 you would not be reading this until mid 2016.

So they tell you many things about having a kid, you won’t sleep, you won’t have a life, you will be covered in vomit 12 hours a day. All true. Some of us get a fussy pants baby while we watch our friends breeze through with little angels sent from heaven….or so they claim. Regardless of what you get one thing is certain, life as you knew it is over. Pine for it as you may, it’s never coming back.

Losing the me I spent 32 years crafting was extremely hard to deal with and left me with feelings of guilt, selfishness, and sheer desperation for days forever gone.

This got me thinking, do we all experience this struggle to the same degree? Would having a child when you’re 20 reduce your struggle because you only spent 20 years shaping ‘you’? Does being in your 30s, as most of us are these days when we have our first child, provide more of a challenge in letting your former life go because you had so much extra time to shape it? Do you miss your single/childless and independent life more depending on how long you spent shaping and living it?

Who knows. All I know is I miss sleeping, showers at my leisure, eating without a baby on my lap, and writing blog posts on my laptop and not this tiny smartphone keyboard with a sleeping cutie on my lap. Good thing this baby is so damn cute!




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